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Mind the gap: On gender gap

There is no question that the Gender Gap Index presents India with an opportunity to make the necessary amends forthwith. Doing what the government is currently doing is clearly not going to be sufficient; it needs to engage intimately with all aspects indicated by the Index to improve the score, and set targets to reduce the gender gap in the foreseeable future. It will have to drastically scale up efforts it has introduced to encourage women’s participation, and increase opportunities for them. To do so it also needs to make sure there is actual implementation at the ground level. While a good score on any global index is a target worth pursuing, what is being questioned here is basic — is the state reneging on its commitment to half its population? A commitment to ameliorate the conditions for women is a non-negotiable duty of any state.

Mind the 100-year gap

None of us will see gender parity in our lifetimes, and nor likely will many of our children. That’s the sobering finding of the Global Gender Gap Report 2020, which reveals that gender parity will not be attained for 99.5 years.

Female scientists use less positive language about their work, study finds

Nicola Davis

Male scientists are more likely than female ones to publish work that describes itself as “excellent”, “unique” or “novel”, experts have found – a swagger that appears to reap dividends in respect of how often others reference the research.

Electrification in Indian households benefits men more than women: study


As new areas gain access to basic levels of electricity, men in these households tend to dominate its use, according to a study conducted in India which suggests that men benefit more than women from such access.

About half of Nifty50 companies have no women on their leadership teams: study

Pharmaceutical major Cipla is the only company with top tier gender balance amongst all the Nifty50 companies, followed by Tech Mahindra and Infosys. Nestle India tops the gender balance on board of directors, according to a study by myrna labs.

Companies need to collaborate to move needle on gender diversity: Zinnov-Intel India study

Brinda Sarkar

The study evaluated 60 companies from the Indian ecosystem, comprising global capability centres (GCCs), technology service providers, startups, and Indian companies, to gain an understanding of the current diversity landscape

For women refugees, finding work is doubly hard

In the 25 years since she was forced to leave her homeland, Congolese refugee Jacqueline Zandamela has built up her own fashion business and raised four children alone after she was widowed in 2001.

Trans reforms will not diminish cis women's rights, says Holyrood

Libby Brooks

Reforms aimed at simplifying how transgender people change the sex on their birth certificates will not diminish the rights of cis women, the Scottish government has pledged as it seeks to strike a balance on an issue that has polarised opinion and divided the Scottish National party.

Location impacts gender diversity in India: Intel study

Mini Tejaswi

Does location have anything to do with gender diversity at workplaces? A recent study says Bengaluru has the highest gender diversity at workplaces with 34% women employees, followed by Mumbai 33% and Pune 32%.

The gender gap is on course to close.... in 99 years

The WEF predicted it would take 99.5 years for women to be on an equal footing with men, despite women taking high-profile leadership roles at the European Central Bank and the World Bank, and at the head of several countries including Finland, Germany and New Zealand.

India slips to 112th place on gender gap: World Economic Forum Report


India has slipped four places to rank 112th globally in terms of gender gap amid widening disparity in terms of women’s health and survival and economic participation — the two areas where the country is now ranked in the bottom-five, an annual survey showed on December 17.

INclude top tier gender balance scorecard for NIFTY50 companies released

Cipla ranks at the top and is the only one with a balanced top tier amongst all of NIFTY50. Nestle India tops the gender balance on the board of directors. When it comes to gender balance in the top tier, NIFTY50 is snoozing. myrna labs, a social enterprise focussed on accelerating gender equality in the world of work has released the INclude top tier gender balance scorecard of NIFTY50 companies.

gender balance in the world of work

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