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Firms take decisions everyday, consciously & (so called) unconsciously. Decisions that shape them & the markets they operate in. Gender Balance (though evidence shows translates into improved firm & societal outcomes) is usually found lacking, when & where such decisions are made. Are leaders & firms making real progress, or have decades of advocacy efforts,  a slew of regulations and active promoting of a diversity & inclusion dominated positioning resulted in  empowering her and hiring him


  • Nifty Media is WAKING UP to gender balance

    WIth a 20 per cent composite Top Tier Gender Balance, NIFTY Media companies are WAKING UP (a step better than the NIFTY 50 that was still SNOOZING)

    Not a single overall BALANCED company on the NIfty Media Index but the overall Top Tier Gender Balance is at least 10% higher than that of NIFTY 50

    India | Media & Entertainment

    Published - May 08, 2020

  • the media coverage bias, an enquiry & the RSquare project

    Reporting across the globe is dominated by men and male sources. To borrow Julie Burton's words, Inequality defines our media. Less than a fourth of all people covered in the news, are women.
    In the absence of longitudinal data, correlating media coverage bias to gender based inequality is challenging. But the RSquare project aims to address...

    India | Media & Entertainment

    Project Started Apr 20, 2020

  • India's market leaders are snoozing on Gender Balance

    The ML-TopTier GBS© of NIFTY50 companies finds them SNOOZING on gender balance with more than half of them yet to induct a woman in their leadership team.
    Regulatory push, proclaimed prioritisation of the diversity & inclusion agenda has yielded little dividend if any.
    Progress remains fragile at best

    India | Multi Sectoral

    Published - Dec 12, 2019

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gender balance scorecard ML - GBS© is a tool for conscious ambitious decision makers committed to unlocking benefits of gender balance for their firms & markets they operate in

It is also a tool for influencers committed to closing the gender gap across firms, markets & economies

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