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  • Visualise Covid-19's incidence and fatality in India and across the globe 

  • use available parameters & filters to visualise the data by gender and age, extent of incidence and fatality


 interpreting the incidence gender gap visualisation 

  • data is currently being updated twice a week for these visualisation dashboards

  • data is aggregated from multiple sources  included government reports

  • not mapped yet - refers mainly to age group and gender info that is still being mapped against reported incidence and fatalities in countries where sex disaggregated data is not reported by the government

  • interpret all numbers with caution as data cleaning and updation continues

  • incidence gender gap(%) is calculated as the difference between incidence among women and men expressed as a proportion of all confirmed cases in the particular country/state. negative IGG value refers to  higher incidence among women whille a positive IGG value refers to higher incidence among men

  • countries included in the analysis are only ones for which the latest gender data was reported in April 2020. Countries with gender data reported last in March 2020  or before have been excluded

  • for global data visualisation presented on this page only government reported data has been used. For indepth visualisation with deeper analytics please reach out to us at

global insights - covid

   interpreting the India visualisation below

  1. Data presented below is aggregated from multtiple sources including reports from MoHFW, press releases and bulletins of different government authorities (local & state) apart from media reports. 

  2. Gender & age group information is being mapped by the team at myrna labs from various sources. 

  3. The incidence graph shown here also includes information on gender not mapped yet to represent an accurate image of the incidence. 

  4. data updation on this page twice a week

India Data - Covid
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