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ML - GICI  provides gender intelligence on global challenges

gender integrated insights can drive decisions, identify risks & unravel opportunities

gender intelligence has always been an afterthought, it doesnt have to be so

decision support with gender intelligence on global challenges and disasters

ML-GICI aggregates & analyses data on incidence, response, impact  of global challenges to help decision makers visualise sizings, risks and opportunities

global challenges we are currently tracking - Climate Change, Future of Work, Gender Based Violence & Gender Bias, Threat of Pandemics, Unplanned Urbanisation


stories and insights powered by data that we are currently tracking

ML - GIMI  - gender intelligence on markets, industries and firms

from analysing market momentum to discovering opportunities, assessing risks to identifying prospects ML - GIMI integrates gender intelligence in market intelligence

we are aggregating structured & unstructured information on firms and markets across online & offline sources, combining with human curation & analyst insights

from industry heat maps to gender balance scorecards of companies, market sizing to GBV sizing of markets, GKAP barometers of sectors, market size & industry analytics - reports configured on demand 

Currently following 200+ sectors in India & the world

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