7 Simple Steps To Become A More Effective Manager

There are approximately 160 million managers in the world today. Yet, according to recent studies, there are few who feel confident in their ability to lead a team.

Co-authors Jamie Roca, Senior VP at Gartner, and Sari Wilde, Research Leader in Gartner’s HR Practice, collaborated to write The Connector Manager: Why Some Leaders Build Exceptional Talent And Others Don’t. In it, they present four models of management, and set out to prove that “the connector manager” is the most effective framework (and teach you how to become one) thanks to their nine-thousand-person global study.

Which of the four types are you? And what can you learn from their research? Check out our interview below to find out.....

Brustein: You lay out four types of managers who emerged from your research. What are they?

Sari Wilde: When we talk about the four types of managers, we’re really categorizing four distinct approaches to coaching and developing employees. These manager approaches are: the Teacher manager (expertise-driven and directive), the Cheerleader manager (hands-off, but encouraging), the Always-On manager (continuous and comprehensive), and the Connector manager (connection-based and collaborative). What’s fascinating is that while we certainly see individuals displaying a blend of different behaviors, every manager has a tendency toward one of the four approaches, and each type of manager exists in near equal quarters at all organizations, regardless of demographic, geographic, or industry factors. 

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