93% of execs say blockchain helps achieve social impact goals

The Stanford Graduate School of Business has published its 2019 report on blockchain for social impact. Executives of 110 organizations in sustainability, identity, financial inclusion, governance, agriculture, and health were asked how they used blockchain. An overwhelming 93.5% of them said the technology added value towards their social impact goals.

The report follows on from last year’s research in the same area. Both projects were led by Doug Galen, a lecturer at Stanford and co-founder of RippleWorks. He and the other researchers aimed to discover where blockchain can be used most effectively to improve society.

Ken Weber, Ripple’s head of social impact, said: “While still early in its development, blockchain is an undeniably promising new technology with far reaching consequences across a wide variety of sectors and use cases.”

Participating firms included GrainChain, TE-FOOD, the Energy Web Foundation, ConsenSys, Trusted Key, Nebula Genomics, and Ground X. The report found that 51.9% of executives said blockchain is a necessity for their social impact goals, while 41.7% said it added value.

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