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India Drops 10 Places To 68th On Global Competitiveness Index; Singapore Replaces US At Top

India has moved down 10 places to rank 68th on an annual global competitiveness index, largely due to improvements witnessed by several other economies, while Singapore has replaced the US as the world's most competitive economy. India, which was ranked 58th in the annual Global Competitiveness Index compiled by Geneva-based World Economic Forum (WEF), is among the worst-performing BRICS nations along with Brazil (ranked even lower than India at 71st this year).

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OYO, Cure.Fit, And TapChief Take Top 3 Spots On 2019 LinkedIn Top Startups List

LinkedIn, today launched the second edition of the LinkedIn Top Startups List for India, as determined by the actions of more than 60+ million professionals on the platform.

This year, the world’s third-largest hospitality chain, OYO Hotels and Homes (#1) has retained its pole position on the list by expanding its services across 80 countries and becoming a decacorn in 12 months.

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To Live or Die by Google Search Brings an Escalating Cost

“Where’s the best place to hide a body? The second page of a Google search.” The gallows humor shows that people rarely look beyond the first few results of a search, but Lee Griffin isn’t laughing. In the 13 years since he co-founded British price comparison website GoCompare, the 41-year-old has tried to keep his company at the top of search results, doing everything from using a “For Dummies” guide in the early days to later hiring a team of engineers, marketers and mathematicians.

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Global Economy Experiencing 'Synchronised Slowdown', Effects More Pronounced In India: IMF Chief

The global economy is witnessing “synchronised slowdown”, which will result in slower growth for 90% of the world this year, and the effect is even “more pronounced” in some of the largest emerging market economies like India, new IMF chief Kristalina Georgieva has warned. The Managing Director of International Monetary Fund (IMF) pointed out that the widespread deceleration means that growth this year will fall to its lowest rate since the beginning of the decade.

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Johnson & Johnson ordered to pay man $8bn over breast growth

US drug firm Johnson & Johnson has been told to pay $8bn (£6.6bn) in punitive damages to a man over claims he was not warned that an antipsychotic drug could lead to breast growth. A Philadelphia jury made the award to Nicholas Murray, 26, whose case was one of thousands pending in the state. His lawyers argued that J&J subsidiary Janssen put "profits over patients" in marketing the drug Risperdal .....The US giant is also facing court challenges over vaginal mesh implants and baby powder allegedly tainted with asbestos.

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HSBC plans to cut 10,000 more jobs worldwide, says report

The cuts would mostly affect high-paid roles and shrink the global workforce by 4%, the Financial Times reported (£). It comes as the UK-based bank grapples with falling interest rates, Brexit and global tariff wars. HSBC declined to comment. The job losses would come on top of 4,700 redundancies – mostly senior jobs – announced in early August, when HSBC similarly warned about a challenging global environment linked to US interest rate cuts, Britain’s EU divorce, the US-China trade war, and unrest in Hong Kong.

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Bangladesh leaves India behind in GDP growth

The high industrial growth achieved by Bangladesh can be attributed to an openness to foreign investment and improving the ease of doing business. This is in contrast to the policy situation prevailing in India marked by a degree of protection and regulatory hurdles.

India, now in the throes of an economic slowdown, does not need to look very far for a robust and healthily growing economy. Neighbouring Bangladesh has just put in 8.1 per cent growth (financial 2019), a rate that has been rising steadily since the 6.6 per cent achieved in 2015.

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Can women speed up the energy transition?

Can solving the industry’s woman problem solve the world’s (hu)man-made problem?

Grasping the extent of seismic changes in global energy markets and intensity of external pressures may not always be enough to drive decarbonisation efforts. In many cases what is really needed is belief – the most powerful driver of all. Evidence-based belief in the science behind climate change. Education on sustainability has to be high on the agenda of all decision makers in the oil and gas sector. Gender-balanced boardrooms could also help accelerate decarbonisation efforts.

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Jobs, Business Opportunities, Classes & Events

Now reach more women professionals & entrepreneurs with your jobs, opportunities, courses that you offer or events that you are organising through the Revite Network for women - the virtual women only network that helps you shape an equal future.

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Twitter admits it used two-factor phone numbers and emails for serving targeted ads

Twitter has said it used phone numbers and email addresses, provided by users to set up two-factor authentication on their accounts, to serve targeted ads. In a disclosure Tuesday, the social media giant said it did not know how many users were impacted. The issue stemmed from the company’s tailored audiences program, which allows companies to target advertisements against their own marketing lists, such as phone numbers and email addresses.

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Forget ‘Googling It.’ Amazon Wants You to ‘Alexa It.’

At its Seattle event last week, Amazon unveiled more than just an ambush of Echo devices. It also unveiled a new strategy. While the company has been aggressively pushing Alexa into the homes of its customers for years in a bid to make it the smart assistant of choice, it now wants to put Alexa everywhere.

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For the sake of your eyes: Instagram finally rolls out Dark Mode on Android 10, iOS 13

Scrolling endlessly through the night on Instagram will be less stressful for your eyes as the Dark Mode is now supported on the app. Apple added system-wide dark mode in iOS 13 while Google offered it in Android 10. Now, Instagram is offering a dark mode in its app for both operating systems, Engadget reports.

Source - economic times

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What is Regtech? And why is it becoming the next big thing?

Heralded the new FinTech by Deloitte, RegTech has rapidly risen to prominence in 2015, from total obscurity. But what exactly is Regulatory Technology (RegTech)? And why has it become the next big thing? At risk of sounding too simple, RegTech is pretty much what it says on the tin: the use of new technology to facilitate the delivery of regulatory requirements.

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5 Types of Mentoring Relationships you need for your career

Mentoring is definitely a buzzword at the moment. Everyone seems to want a mentor and it has been sold as a quick way of gaining a whole heap of experience and lessons learnt from someone who has more experience than you. However, to me, Mentoring is so much more than that. A good mentoring relationship should be bilateral, genuine and consistent.

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A Smart Strategy for Telling Your Boss You’ll Be Late to Work (Email Templates Included!)

Luck is not on your side today, and you’re running late to the office. Maybe you don’t have a meeting scheduled for 8 AM sharp—or maybe you do and you’re already stressed!—but regardless, you know your boss isn’t going to be happy to see you waltzing in behind schedule. Whether your tardiness is completely out of your control or due to a fault of your own, here’s exactly what you should do.

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Latest Jobs on the Revite Network for women

Visual Merchandising Coworker | Ikea | Navi Mumbai | Exp of working with visual merchandising in a retail environment

discover more jobs, business opportunities, career advice on the revitenetwork for women

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50 Female Entrepreneurs Everyone Should Know

Some of these women are just starting off their entrepreneur journey, while others have raised over $800 million in funding. Many of these female founders champion women in their solutions or are addressing problems for commonly overlooked members of the community. All are paving the way for more women in tech.

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Inside Serena Williams’ Plan To Ace Venture Investing

She’s now the first athlete ever to hit Forbes’ annual list of the World’s Richest Self-Made Women, with an estimated fortune of $225 million, the vast majority of it having come via her brain and brand rather than her backhand. And over the past five years, she’s been quietly dropping money into 34 startups. In April, Williams formally announced that Serena Ventures is open for business, to fund others and launch companies herself.

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Meet the Women Leading Netflix Into the Streaming Wars

For a juggernaut like Netflix, one anemic quarter is hardly a crisis. With 151 million subscribers in more than 190 countries, the company is now a global entertainment brand. Last year its revenues soared 35% to $15.8 billion, placing it at No. 197 in the Fortune 500. And the company’s explosive growth—sales gains of at least 30% annually since 2006—has made it a Wall Street darling. Shares of Netflix have rocketed up some 4,300% over the past decade vs. 280% for the tech-heavy Nasdaq.

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The taekwondo black belt who runs the Nasdaq

Adena Friedman says that being a black belt in taekwondo has helped her become more fearless in business. The 49-year-old boss of the Nasdaq took up the martial art more than a decade ago, after taking her two sons to classes from a young age.

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Startups with female founders raise more venture capital

In earlier rounds, mixed-gender teams do just as well as those without women, but the advantage grows in the later stages of fundraising

In the third- and fourth-rounds, companies with at least one female get on average $23 million investment, compared with $18 million on average for all-male teams

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Women entrepreneurs in India: What is holding them back?

The low rates of women entrepreneurship are reflected in a dismal score in the Index of Women Entrepreneurs, where India is ranked 52nd out of the 57 surveyed countries. The fact that few women own companies is part of a larger phenomenon of weak engagement of women in business. This further relates to a low female labor force participation rate as well as women having fewer opportunities to become business leaders, professionals and technical workers.

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quotable quotes from women round the globe that can inspire you

Any woman who understands the problems of running a home will be nearer to understanding the problems of running a country – Margaret Thatcher
A lot of people are afraid to say what they want. That’s why they don’t get what they want – Madonna
A strong woman understands that the gifts such as logic, decisiveness, and strength are just as feminine as intuition and emotional connection. She values and uses all of her gifts – Nancy Rathburn
The story of women’s struggle for equality belongs to no single feminist nor to any one organization but to the collective efforts of all who care about human rights - Gloria Steinem

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This is how health insurance policies discriminate in India

IRDAI has barred insurers from denying a medical cover for mental health, genetic disorders and hazardous activities. But the real issue is health covers are not available for a series of conditions.

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New Airlines Charter – 6 important rules every passenger should know

Few months back, on 28th Feb, 2019 a new airline passenger charger was announced by The Ministry of Civil Aviation which clearly defines the rights of travelers and liabilities of airlines which are operating in the domestic sector. It defines various important points and a guideline for passengers seeking redressal of their grievances, with regards to fares, flights, refunds, catering, and baggage, etc.

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Want to start Saving? Follow the 50/30/20 Rule

The importance of maintaining a personal budget cannot be overstated.

It is the best way to allocate our funds towards our expenses, obligations and most importantly, savings. Despite all this, when it comes to budgeting, we are faced with a very tough question. How do we start with this process in the first place?

It is in situations like these that we look for a rule of thumb, and the most popular one in this case is the 50/30/20 rule.

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Tajikistan: A Country That’s Not on Your Travel Radar but Should Be.

On a lazy afternoon, I lay on a tapchan, drifting in and out of a blissful slumber as the soothing sound of the gushing river below rushed into my ears. When I finally awoke, I saw that my host family was gathered under their apricot tree, collecting ripe apricots, munching on some, separating others to make fresh apricot jam in the morning. I picked up a small bucket and joined them, treating myself to the delightfully juicy fruits too.

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the Revite D&I factoid series
the Revite D&I Factoid Series

Closing The Gender Wealth Gap

What we need to be talking about is not just what women are making. It’s what they’re keeping. It’s not about just renting, but owning, a home, about how to transfer wealth to their children. It’s critical to talk about how the money is or isn’t working for women, so that as they are starting businesses, and as they are starting to move up with their earning .

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This Airline Has Just Put Its Flight Attendants On A Low-Fat Diet

The aviation sector in India has a history of being challenging and controversial. Earlier this year India’s second largest airline, Jet Airways, ceased trading which left Air India as the sole major international carrier in India. With debts mounting to over $8 billion, Air India has a tough uphill challenge to turn its fortunes around. Now the airline is putting its flight attendants on low-fat diet meals inflight.

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Here’s what you need to know about India’s workplace sexual harassment laws

India’s #MeToo movement sparked the much-needed conversation around workplace sexual harassment.In October, a string of women journalists and actors shared harrowing accounts of their experiences on social media, accusing many prominent media professionals of sexual misconduct or sexual harassment at the workplace.

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Pure patriarchy: Hymenoplasty commodifies women, breaches privacy rights

On August 27, Bangladesh’s top court, in a landmark judgement, replaced the word “virgin” with “unmarried” for women in the country’s marriage registration forms.

Several women’s rights groups in Bangladesh who had criticised the term “virgin” and argued that the phrase was “humiliating and discriminatory” have welcomed the decision. But in India, losing virginity before marriage is considered a taboo. In 2013, as many as 450 women in Madhya Pradesh were forced to undergo virginity test during a state-conducted mass marriage

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Every Little Thing Matters

I did a thing today. Actually I drove away from the thing I wanted to do because I wasn’t sure about it. I picked up my daughter as planned and when she got in the car, I told her about what I saw and what I wanted to do. She said, “If you don’t feel right about not doing something, you should go back.” So, I drove back with my Joy to the place where the woman stood holding a cardboard sign that read...

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10 Things Successful People Always Do

1) Planning their Lives, Working their Plan. Ordinary folks with a plan will go further than a genius without a plan. Most folks go the same distance in life, too often much of it is in circles! I am fairly good at planning although, I admit, I was better in the past. Good reminder to get back to it.

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5 Critical things I learned while recovering my mental health

With the rise of stress and the physical and psychological impact that it is having globally, it is also now becoming more likely that more people will experience some form of mental health issue. Having experienced burnout – and a complete mental breakdown as a result – I’ve had a first hand experience of what it is like to be on the sidelines of life.

What I went through was unlike anything I had ever known.

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What Makes a Child Shy?

What makes a person shy or outgoing? Is shyness something that we’re born with, or is it something we develop based on our experiences with other people?A long history of research suggests that temperament—or a person’s own style of emotional responding to the environment — can be first identified in infants as young as 4 months of age.

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