Metrics Made Easy: How To Uncover Your Surest Path To Explosive Business Growth

How do you make decisions in your business?

Taking your best educated guess can can be an OK jumping off point. (And the more experience you have the better, more reliable your instincts will be.)

But the only sure thing to base your critical business decisions on is…


The hard data you get from the results of your actions.

Feedback doesn’t leave any room for wishing or hoping. It’s the unique foundation of direct marketing. The ability to measure what’s working and what’s not.

But growing a business can be a complex issue. There are tons of numbers to take into consideration. And tracking and measuring those numbers can make you feel like you’re lost at sea.

So today I thought I’d simplify that a little. Today I want to break the idea of metrics down to a high-level, strategic perspective.

A level that anyone can understand. A level that will help clarify the alphabet soup of metric acronyms that confuse and frustrate so many. So that you can find the numbers that are key for YOU in your business. And then effectively use them to explode your business growth.. continue reading on strategic profits