RBS Lead | Leadership Accelerator Programme | rolls out July 18, 2019

Welcome to RBS Lead, an open ended leadership accelerator programme for emerging women leaders in South Asia

RBS Lead - Goal

For emerging women leaders - Supercharge your leadership journey

For organisations - Bring more women to your leadership talent pool

RBS Lead combines the power of leadership development & executive coaching workshops, expert moderated Revite Sessions for emerging women leaders, leadership dialogues, job shadows, goal focused Revite Power Clubs & support of a community of mentors that includes existing board members.

It is also an open ended programme with participants having the opportunity to decide on the course of their journey as they progress.

RBS Lead - Inaugural Edition

The inaugural edition will continue to enroll emerging women leaders on a rolling basis throughout the next 12 months with three major enrolment deadlines in Sep 2019, Jan 2020, Apr 2020. All announcements will be made on the Revite Network with members and corporate partners.

The initial on-boarding closed in July 2019 and was restricted to a select few organisations who were invited to sponsor women professionals they work with.

RBS Lead Programme Components

1. Revite Sessions for Emerging Leaders

A Series of 20 Revite Sessions have been curated to help emerging women leaders gain understanding, awareness and ability required to lead organisations, especially from the boardroom.

These Revite Sessions for emerging women leaders are announced a week in advance on the Revite Network. These are webinar/webcast sessions. Each Revite Session will be followed up by one Revite Power Club focussed on issues raised during the session.

The RBS Lead programme will kick off with the first Revite Session for emerging women leaders centred around the 3Rs of serving on corporate boards - roles, responsibilities and risks.

Upcoming Sessions for the programme will include deep dives on Financial Reporting, Business Ethics & Reputation, Data proliferation, privacy, cybersecurity, Diversity & Inclusion, EHS, CSR & Sustainability, Digital transformation, automation and its impact, overview on frontier technologies like blockchain, AI/ML and the impact on future of work & workplaces, legal & regulatory environment in which boards operate, IPR, Economic & Market risks, among others.

2. Executive Search Simulation Sessions

At the Revite Network we are curating partnerships with some leading Executive Search Agencies. Through specially designed sessions, we will bring experts from these partner agencies to help participants learn from the experience & insight they have garnered while working with corporate and non profit boards across a wide range of sectors, industries and geographies.

This is also expected to provide our Executive Search Partners with access to a gradually developing leadership talent pipeline that they can lean on while working on their leadership talent search assignments

3. Revite Power Clubs (RPCs)

RPS are what we call byte sized, goal focussed advisory groups. The Power Club is a small advisory group restricted to 5 - 10 participants with a lead facilitator or moderator and is focussed on a specific goal. The goal is identified by the participants to help them with an area of improvement or add a particular skills or gain in depth understanding on a specific aspect of an industry/function. A goal setting exercise is conducted with participants to design specific power clubs.

Every Power club continues for either 4 weeks or 10 weeks through a weekly video conferencing call between the participants. RBS Lead participants will be able to participate in existing power clubs and start their own power clubs depending on the goal setting exercise conducted with the participants.

Goal Setting Exercise - October 2019

RBS Lead Power Clubs - December 2019 onwards

4. Revite Mentors

the Revite Network has brought on board leaders from different industries. Many of our mentors are currently serving on boards of listed companies, are recognised leaders in their area of expertise. One common thread running across our mentors - senior professionals with the experience, connections, willingness and commitment to help emerging women leaders supercharge their leadership journey. Each Revite Mentor will work with upto 3 mentees/proteges over a long term to help them overcome the deterrents and barriers they face.

The Mentor Mentee matching exercise will initiate at the RBS Lead in October 2019, after the completion of the September 2019 on-boarding round of RBS Lead participants.

5. Build a leadership profile and a sphere of influence

Through a specially designed intervention, RBS Lead participants will be provided with opportunities and support to build their profile amongst the target audience both on social media and through the Revite Network platform. Helping build a sphere of influence through thought leadership, curated opportunities to mentor younger women professionals, engage in boardroom simulation events and participate in corporate round tables are some of the instruments currently planned for RBS Lead participants. the Revite Network Platform that went online on July 9, 2019 has been designed to support the RBS Lead Alumni in their leadership journey.

6. Annual Boardroom Lunch

Scheduled for July 2020, the annual boardroom lunch will bring selected RBS Lead alumni to participate in the event alongwith corporate boards and specially invited guests.

7. INCLUDE Dialogues

Facilitated sessions with current and past board of directors, women leaders to help the participants learn from leaders who have been there and done that, gain insights from personal stories, struggles and wins & losses of these leaders. The INCLUDE Dialogues will be held both through in person events (at the INCLUDE 2020 & INCLUDE Satellite Events) as well as webinars/webcasts

Follow the Revite Boardroom Series for more updates as the programme rolls out on July 18, 2019