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10 Traits of a Great Manager, According to Google

Google has invested in research to prove that managers matter (they do!) and to identify the behaviours of its best ones. The company used internal data, but that doesn't mean the list isn't helpful for people who don't work there. Here's what you can learn from the tech giant's great managers. #career #workplace

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Are You at Risk of a Mid-Career Rut?

Executive Summary A research study found that mid-career is a time where individuals particularly need help, especially when it comes to making decisions. Less than 50% of decisions made mid-career were rated as successful by study respondents. The other 50+% were most susceptible between the ages of 40 to 48 to making decisions that had less-than-successful outcomes, according to their own assessment. #career

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Metrics Made Easy: How To Uncover Your Surest Path To Explosive Business Growth - Strategic Profits

How do you make decisions in your business? Taking your best educated guess can can be an OK jumping off point. (And the more experience you have the better, more reliable your instincts will be.) But the only sure thing to base your critical business decisions on is...#career #business #entrepreneurship

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Simplification as Innovation

Over the past several years that I have mentored startups and startup weekends, one of the biggest and most frequent mistakes I see is one of over-engineering a product or service at the beginning. #career #innovation #entrepreneurship

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India's unicorns find exit doors blocked

Bengaluru: WeWork, a fast-growing startup that has smartly dressed up the business of subleasing office space, is expected to list its shares in the following months. Earlier this month, various publications reported that WeWork may seek less than half of the $47-billion valuation it fetched in January in a private fundraising round. #business #entrepreneurship #investment #startup

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discover more opportunities on the revite network

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What's the difference between being depressed and being sad or unhappy?

One of the reasons depression is often misunderstood is that people may equate it with being sad or unhappy. They expect that someone with depression should be able to just get over it, or should respond to efforts to "cheer them up." But depression is an illness. #health #emotionalheath #wellness

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Letting Go of Shitty Relationships | The Minimalists

Some relationships are particularly pernicious. We often develop relationships out of convenience, without considering the traits necessary to build a successful bond with another person-important traits like unwavering support, shared trust, and loving encouragement. When a relationship is birthed out of proximity or chemistry alone, it is bound to fail. #relationships

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What Jennifer Lopez's Investment Portfolio Can Teach Women About Investing

Investing is one of the best ways to turn your hard-earned money into wealth that works for you. But it can be a risky business. If the companies you choose to invest in thrive, so will your portfolio. If they flounder, you could lose everything. #investment #money

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the Revite D&I factoid series
the Revite D&I Factoid Series

at work - with only 23.7% women in the workforce, India is only ahead of Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Jordan, Algeria, Somalia, Iran, Morocco & Egypt. India ranks 142 out of 149 countries on the Global Gender Gap economic opportunity sub-index (2018)

in politics - every 9 out of 10 legislators are men in India. 

at home - latest National Family HealthSurvey shows 22% married women aged 15-49 have experienced spousal physical or sexual violence in the past year.

Sexual harassment plaints at Nifty companies hit a record

ET Intelligence Group: The Nifty 50 companies have disclosed receiving a cumulative 741 complaints of sexual harassment in their annual reports for the fiscal year 2019. These are the highest number of cases reported annually since FY15, the year from when it became compulsory for companies to make such a disclosure. #gender_based_violence #sexualharassment #genderequality #womenatwork

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Forbes Editor Offers Non-apology For Leaving Women Off Innovators List

After Forbes came under fire for only including one woman on its list of the 100 most innovative leaders, editor Randall Lane said Sunday that the disparity was the result of the company's data methodology.#genderequality #womenatwork

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RBS Lead | leadership accelerator for emerging women leaders

Women are under-represented in boardrooms across private & public sector organisations. RBS Lead is an effort to change that. Join the initiative - amplify the pitch - write to us at revite@solversinc.com

#RBSLead #womenleaders #accelerator #leadership

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