Sparrow Platform provides disaster info and medical help through any app, with or without internet

Sparrow announced as the Call for Code 2019 first runner-up

When the team members of Project Sparrow were brainstorming ideas for this year’s Call for Code Global Challenge, they reflected on their personal experiences with tech and stories they have heard around natural disasters. The team comes from a geographically diverse background with members Jay Lohokare, Ajit Rajurker, Sheng Chen, Mihir Mistry, and Ameya Apte hailing from different areas of the US, China, and India.

The Sparrow Platform is a two-part solution. The first part aims to connect people to all other applications out there so they can get information during a disaster. The team describes the second part as the “Uber for medical help,” connecting victims with live experts who can address disaster-related health issues.

For users, Sparrow is an easy-to-use conversational AI interface, accessible from many existing chat apps. Ask questions, and Sparrow ensures you get what you need. Sparrow achieves this by being a user’s single point of connection with all applications, communication platforms, doctors/experts, etc.

“Think of Sparrow as Alexa, but it is something that’s ubiquitously accessible through many platforms, chat applications, many devices, with or without internet,” Lohokare said. “So you could talk to Sparrow, through any apps you have and ask the question, ‘Hey, are there any updates about the hurricane that’s coming to Florida?'”

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