Your brain could be limiting you right now

Sometimes I am forced to wonder, the way we talk to ourselves (inside our head most of the time), the extent of criticism we shower on ourselves, even if a very close friend talked to us that way, we wouldn’t be friends any more!!

Limits and overcoming those limits are both very scary, would you agree? All of us, you and me included want to be the best version of ourselves, all the time, so who’s stopping us from doing it - it’s that little very powerful organ sitting in our head - the brain.

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Designed to protect us, everytime we want to take a decision, it wakes up and becomes that voice in your head that says - are you crazy? You won’t be able to do that, in fact it’s so smart that it almost immediately draws up a list of the constraints that you have to overcome in order to do what you want to do. Pretty impressive how it protects us!!

It highlights all your limitation - in reality though it is not your limitation - it is only what you think your limitation is - all you have to do is take a decision to take an action and that thought will be silenced - instantly, no!! That’s not going to happen!

Are you comfortable?

Did you say yes!! Well, comfort is a nice place to be in but growth happens outside that zone, there’s a reason why they say growing pains!! So if you are on the growth path one good place to start would be to tell yourself you are okay to be uncomfortable, that’s where it all starts

Need help? I find Mel Robbins' the 5 second rule very helpful - you have a 5 second window to overrule you brain and take the decision to do that - whatever it is that you have thought you need to do but like always fell victim to procrastination till that idea lost its route; just say 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 -1 and take that decision.

Ideas are like tea bags, unless dipped in hot water (or cold for that matter) it's of no use to any one, not even you. Read more about the 5 second rule here

Short of confidence?

Great - right place to start! now you know that your brain is telling you that you are short of confidence, its not the reality..take that decision and start the action.

Confidence is not something you build up slowly by thinking - bunk that. Confidence is not about having all the answers. Actions, even the tiniest of actions is enough to start building your confidence. One day very soon, even without your knowing it, your actions would have signalled your brain that this you is the new normal and it needs to go find another limitation to protect you from.

4 things that you can do today to start pushing the envelope and explore what you can really do?

Start a journal - Silly! Really? So you can easily do it right!

  • Write that one thing you did today that if you did not have the constraints you had today, you would do differently - write what you would do (want to add some strength to that, record it in your own voice)

  • Write at least one achievement of the day - add more to that list if you can - again don’t think too much about whether its too small an achievement to write in your journal - it’s your journal remember!!

Repeat journaling every day till it feels the most natural thing for you to do every day - we are what we repeatedly do. Try and repeat it the same time every day

Be uncomfortable Push yourself past your comfort zone. At some point or may be at many points you will find yourself saying, what I am doing? That’s the right moment to use the 5 second rule and snap out of that thought - just remember fear kills more dreams than failure ever will

Track & revel go back to the achievements you recorded the previous day, read the ones you recorded even before that and see how you are changing, track your progress.

Small or big, revel in the changes you have made and appreciate your growing ability to do what you want to do and to surpass your limitations

Give it a shot and let me know in a week or two, if it helped you at work or elsewhere. Connect with me at

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